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"But deep down, I still felt like I cared. As if it couldn’t go away. No matter how hard I tried to forget. You’ll never forget the friends you lost especially if they did you wrong." - Aliana Riddle

Aliana Grace Riddle (29th December 1997 - 17th June 2021), Born to Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr. and Bellatrix Lestrange, she was an energetic and innocent girl when she was younger. She was extremely optimistic and tried to see the better part of people, which contributed to her downfall. When she turned seventeen, her and her twin brother Matthew were confronted by the Dark Army. They wanted her brother to become the next Dark Lord. Together, the two twins helped to keep the Army organized and obedient. It was around this time that Matthew and Aliana came across a girl who had similar traits to Matthew, but who looked nothing like Aliana. They ended up realizing that this mysterious girl was their half-sister, Mandy Lestrange, a powerful and dangerous witch who they were happy to have as a friend. The three of them only had each other.


Hogwarts Years (2008-2015)

Aliana started her years at Hogwarts when she turned eleven. She and her twin brother, Matthew, were sorted into Slytherin House. She was an excellent learner and caught onto things quickly which allowed her to excel in potions. While potions was not her favorite class, she did have a knack for it.

In her first year at Hogwarts she was infected with the lycanthrope disease forcing her to turn into a werewolf every full moon because she tried to save someone and pushed them out of the way.

In her second year, Aliana and Matthew joined the Quidditch team for Slytherin. The two of them were the beaters and earned the nickname "Riddle Twins Kicking Ass."

In her third year, several new faces appeared. One of them was Alex Carrow. Aliana did not start getting to know Alex until her fourth year, but she did know he existed. .

In Aliana's fourth year, she watched Mandy fall off of her broom during a storm while they were playing Quidditch. Mandy was okay, but it still worried Aliana. Corwin Crouch transferred from Durmstrang in their fourth year and Aliana became his first friend. Corwin seemed like a nice guy and Aliana felt like she could understand him. She and he got along extremely well. About this time, Mandy Lestrange also came into focus, but it wouldn't be until later that the twins realized she was their half-sister. Alex Carrow ended up becoming a friend to Ali and the group. He joined the Quidditch team for Slytherin as the Keeper

In her fifth year, she realized that she had a crush on Corwin. Aliana and Corwin started to date. Corwin gave her his family ring, which unknown to her, was a horcrux he made for her. The two of them were supported by most of their friends, except Matthew who never really liked Corwin in the beginning.

In sixth year, Corwin left Ali for Mandy. Aliana watched Mandy and Corwin date. She was angry at Corwin for ditching her for one of her friends. She was a little unsure of their relationship, but she supported them anyway.

In her seventh year, Mandy and Corwin had a falling out. Corwin embarrassed and outed Aliana as a werewolf to the entire school. Up until this point, only her close friends knew. She was enraged at Corwin and his views started to change. He began to think in terms of supremacy and because Aliana was a half-breed he looked down on her.

The Battle of Legacy (2012-2015)

Life Between Wars (2015-2020)

The Battle of Knowledge (2021-Present)

Aliana was only there for the beginning of the Battle of Knowledge with Millene since the war continues on after her and Mandy's deaths. Before the war even began, Millene came to her and Alex after Corwin had comitted suicide. Aliana had felt guilty because Corwin had died right in front of her. Even though she should have been happy she couldn't help but wonder if Corwin was ever someone they could have saved. Of course, she was being naive as she always was an optimist. In the end she knew there was no hope for him deep down. Millene gave Aliana the impression that she was a good person and that she was the one who was used by Bartemus Crouch Jr, when it was the other way around. At the time, Aliana felt sympathy for Millene.

Around this time, Aliana and the others found out that Mandy was pregnant with her second child. She had been hiding it from them using a polyjuice potion, though Ali had no idea why. Mandy had built herself a home in the years following the war with Corwin and invited all of her friends to live in it. Millene had decided to take Mandy on as an apprentice and no one suspected what Millene was really all about. Millene gave Mandy a potion that was slowly draining her magic and killing her unborn child, but no one realized it yet.

Ali first saw Millene get violent when she attacked Kate Fawley in Mandy's home, blinding her forever. After that, Mandy refused to go to the lessons with Millene, but the potion was already taking effect. Mandy was hooked on the potion like a drug addict.

Millene, just like her son, is an excellent manipulator and she was good at illusions. Aliana was tricked by an illusion of Corwin that Millene had created. In the illusion, she saw Corwin the way she wanted to see him. He was apologizing for what he did to all of them. Ali couldn't see through the lies because she wanted it to be real. After Millene confirmed that it was all a trick of the mind, Aliana was furious. She knew she had played straight into Millene's hands. After that, there was a brief period where Millene didn't show herself.

Strange things began to happen. Matthew was continuously bitten by a spider while Mandy was having severe pains in her stomach. Everyone assumed the baby inside of her was killing her. Mandy eventually told Aliana that she had been taking a potion that Millene gave her because she was addicted to her. That's when everyone knew that Millene had been using the potion to take away Mandy's magic and kill her unborn child. After Mandy explained this to everyone, Millene decided to show her face once again. Matthew's son, Tom was killed by Millene. Millene had the animagus of a brown recluse spider and her bite was venomous. Matthew was ready to kill Millene for murdering his son. Millene tried to explain to everyone that she was doing Mandy a favor and helping her, but no one listened.

Outside Mandy's home was when the first battle occurred. Mandy threw a punch and the rest of them joined in, beating the old woman to a pulp. After that, the group moved the base to Grimmauld Place. Mandy insisted on being the one to face Millene, but Aliana and everyone else knew she couldn't do it alone. She had lost most of her magic. She was powerless against Millene.

Mandy was pregnant with her second child, Josiah at the time and ended up successfully giving birth to him before dying. Only Matthew and Aliana knew that Mandy had died before the battle with Millene could occur. A clone of Mandy was created and that clone went to face Millene. Josiah was sent away so that Millene didn't know he was alive.

Aliana, Matthew, and Alex apparated to Corwin's home where Mandy's clone went to face Millene on her own. The three of them stood looking down through a skylight in the roof watching the battle take place. They planned on intervening when Mandy couldn't fight alone. To their dismay, Millene turned into a giant brown recluse spider around the size of an acromantula maybe bigger. She threw Mandy against the wall and the second and last battle of the first part of the war took place.

In the end, Mandy's clone was killed by Millene's pinchers causing the rest of them to look around in horror. Aliana did not expect her half-sister to die so suddenly and so soon. Aliana and Alex knelt beside Mandy trying to save her life, but there was no hope for her. Matthew finished Millene off, sending the woman to the grave, but her soul seemed to remain even though everyone believed she was dead for good.

Matthew, Alex, and Aliana buried Mandy and then Matthew apparated away unable to handle the pain of it all. Aliana went after him, knowing her twin was unstable and reckless. She tried to get him to calm down. He was destroying the furniture within the Riddle Manor. It was there in the living room where Matthew thrust his dagger into Aliana's gut, killing her. He had wanted to be left alone, but Ali would not do that. She knew he needed someone there for him and was willing to stand her ground. Standing her ground got her killed. She stood in front of Matthew not believing he'd kill his own sister, even when he threatened to do so. In the end, Aliana died doing what she had always done, standing up for herself and being stubborn.



Tom Marvolo Riddle Jr: Tom Riddle was Aliana's biological father. He lead the Battle of Hogwarts and was killed shortly after the last Riddle child, Coulter, was born. Aliana and Matthew were only toddlers at the time and had not known him for long. He tended to keep his distance from them because he was busy with hiding from the infamous Harry Potter and planning things with the Death Eaters.

Bellatrix Lestrange: Bellatrix Lestrange was Aliana's biological mother. Once again, Aliana and her twin Matthew did not really know her well because they were only children when she died leaving them to fend for themselves on the streets until they were old enough to go to Hogwarts.

Matthew Riddle: Matthew is Aliana's twin brother and he's the sibling she has the closest bond to before she meets Mandy. When they were growing up, he was the only one she had to lean on and he had her. The two relied on each other throughout their lives protecting each other. The two of them went to America. They ended up joining forces with their Half-sister to fight the war with Corwin. Aliana and Matthew were inseparable and during their Hogwarts years they were extremely close since they only had each other.

Mandy Lestrange: Aliana's half-sister and best friend. Aliana looked up to Mandy in many ways. She had always wanted to be strong like her older sister and tried her best to be brave. She confused bravery with stupidity at times which would make Mandy scold her. The two of them were extremely close and only got closer when the war droned on for years leaving them to stand side by side. Mandy, other than Matthew, was the only other person who could get Aliana to listen. There were times when Aliana's stubborn side came through and she didn't listen to Mandy, but most of the time she did listen to Mandy's advice.

Corwin Crouch: Corwin was Aliana's first love interest when she was in Hogwarts and one of the first friends she made when she was at Hogwarts. Corwin changed during his last few years at Hogwarts, causing Aliana and him to drift apart. It wasn't until the war that they started to hate each other. Although, Aliana had always wished that Corwin would come to his senses and become the man he used to be before he knew who his parents were. He became her brother-in-law when Mandy married him. In the end, he died before Aliana committing suicide right in front of her eyes.

Kiro Riddle: Kiro was the younger sister of Aliana. She didn't really know much about her since she went into hiding during the war. She had talked to her sister once or twice before she went to Hogwarts, but the two of them were never close. She had always wondered what it would be like to form a bond with Kiro, but with all of the events that were happening at the time it was impossible.

Ron Riddle: Ron was the second to youngest brother in the Riddle family. He was always hanging out with his younger brother Coulter, but he was a lot more tolerable. Aliana and Ron got along, but they didn't talk very much and Ron was never involved in the Battle of Legacy. He died before Aliana had a chance to really get to know him.

Coulter Riddle: Coulter was the youngest brother and the most annoying in Aliana's eyes. She didn't like him. He would always use the cruciatus curse on her whenever he saw her, causing her immense pain. Not only that, but he would do stupid things such as stealing from the Burrow. He eventually died and Aliana was glad she didn't have to deal with his taunting anymore.

Raven Riddle: Raven Riddle is Aliana's daughter. Tyler Grimmer and Aliana were her parents. Tyler died shortly after Raven was born, which meant Aliana had to raise her triplets alone. Raven and Aliana had a complicated relationship. When Raven was younger, she went over to Corwin's side during the war to spite her mother causing the two of them to drift apart. Raven began to resent her mother and Aliana tried desperately to hang onto any bond they had. Eventually Raven was forced to reunite with her mother, but their relationship did not get much stronger. They were nice to each other, but they were never the picture of an ideal mother and daughter. They were like that even at Aliana's death. She never got to see her and her daughter's relationship become closer.

Cassian Riddle: Cassian Riddle is Aliana's youngest son. He was one of the triplets born to Tyler and Aliana. He and Aliana had a normal mother and son relationship until the war started and she had to ship him and hi brother away to keep them safe. She would visit them regularly and give them updates on the war, but she was not able to have an actual relationship with him.

Orion Riddle: Orion Riddle is Aliana's oldest son. He was the third member of the triplets born to Tyler and Aliana. He and Aliana were the closest out of all of her children. He admired his mother even though she wasn't always there. He was able to understand why she was keeping them away from the war. He and Aliana didn't have a very close relationship, but out of all of her children theirs was the closest.

Isabella Riddle: Isabella Riddle was Aliana's only child with Kaz Grimmer. She was only and infant when Kaz murdered her in her sleep so Aliana never really got a chance to bond with her second daughter.

Johanna Lestrange: Johanna is Aliana's neice. She had known her mostly when she was a baby and held her many times. Aliana made Johanna a white knit baby blanket with gold fringes and Johanna's name embroidered in purple. She did not get to know Johanna as she grew up since Aliana died before she could form an actual relationship with her niece.

Thomas Riddle: Tom was Aliana's nephew who Aliana was able to have somewhat of a relationship with. She did not know Tom for a long time and she witnessed his death, but she still cared for him even when he got angry at her from time to time.

The Malfoys: The Malfoys were basically parents to Aliana even though she had never lived under their roof. Narcissa was always giving Mandy and Aliana advice which made Aliana look up to her as the only mother figure in her life. Lucius was as close to a father figure as Aliana could get and Aliana rarely spoke to her cousin Draco since he was way older than she was.

Intimate Relationships

The Grimmer Brothers: After her seventh year at Hogwarts the group fell apart. Aliana, Matthew, Mandy, and their other siblings had duties with the Dark Army that kept them away from everyone else. It was around this time that she met her first husband, Tyler Grimmer, who was one of the devout Dark Army followers. She and Tyler hit it offf. She felt like she had a lot in common with him. Tyler Grimmer had lost his parents and the only family member he had was his older brother Kaz Grimmer. Tyler was half demon half wizard. The two of them were inseparable. When Aliana turned nineteen, she found out she was pregnant with triplets. Raven, Cassian, and Orion were born and the five of them were a happy family. Aliana and Tyler decided to get married due to the fact that Aliana got pregnant. A few years after the triplets were born, Tyler got into an "accident." He was found dead at the bottom of a cliff. Aliana was heartbroken and she was afraid that she would never be able to raise her children alone. A year later, Aliana married Tyler's older brother Kaz. She found that she was attrached to him because he looked so similar to her late husband. The two of them had another child whose name was Isabella. Unfortunately, Aliana would find out later that Kaz murdered their infant girl, but at the time she was stricken with grief. It took her a while to get back to herself, but eventually she gained the strength to continue on. She found out Kaz was a part of Corwin's army and she felt betrayed by him. The two of them fell further apart, but they did not divorce. She couldn't look at him the same, but she was still infatuated with him. She couldn't help, but still love the man who helped ruin her life. After several months the two of them got closer once again much to Matthew and Mandy's dismay. They tried to tell her that it was a bad idea and that he was a psychopath. He was also on the opposite side of the war which made their relationship complicated. She later found out that Kaz was cheating on her with another female. Her name was Phoenix. Aliana and Phoenix together brought about the downfall of Kaz Grimmer. She fell away from him once again and her hatred started to stir. In the end it was Corwin who killed Kaz Grimmer, freeing Aliana from him once and for all.

Alex Carrow: The last person Aliana got involved with before she died was Alex Carrow. For the first time in her life, a relationship actually went decently. There was no death and no betrayal. It had started after Aliana passed out when Corwin used Legillimency to get into Matthew's mind. She had tried to get Corwin out of Matthew's mind by entering his mind with him. Once she woke up, she found Matthew at her bedside. The two of them had a small conversation before Matthew ran out of the room. Alex stood in the doorway and came into the room. It was clear he had a lot of things on his mind. He was muttering something under his breath and Aliana stared at him confused. He ended up walking up to the bed and kissed her, leaving her startled and dazed for a few moments. This gave Alex the chance to run away as soon as it happened. She went to try and find him wondering where he had gone to. She checked Hogsmede first thinking he might have gone there, but she was wrong. The only other place she could think of was the Astronomy Tower. Alex was fascinated with it when they were in school. It was there that she found him and confessed that she felt the same way he did. Alex and Aliana dated until her death.


Matt Smith: Matt Smith, also known as The Doctor, was a close friend of the group who became important before the years of the war. He worked along the Ministry. He kept away from the war because he was not human. He ended up becoming the adoptive father of Johanna Lestrange after Mandy died.

Kate Fawley: Kate was always a girl who kept to herself, but Aliana and Kate had a complicated relationship. Even when Kate went to Corwin's side of the war, Aliana still considered her a friend and would go to meet with her from time to time. She was mostly neutral and would help out both sides when she felt like it benefited her. Kate was very helpful and gave Aliana a lot of information about Corwin and Kaz during the war which allowed her to get an upper hand at times against them.


Magnus Wrynn: He was the love interest of Kate Fawley and was killed by Corwin during the war.

Millene Crouch: She was Mandy's mother-in-law who ended up killing Mandy. Millene is the only person Aliana did not get to see be defeated and the war is still going on after her death. Millene came to Aliana with a first impression that she was just an innocent old woman, but that soon changed when she saw Millene's true self. Millene was probably even more manipulative that her son and believed she was doing everything in order to better herself. She wanted to live on. She is definitely an old hag who has lived for 610 years.


Aliana Riddle was inspired by:

Clarissa Fairchild (The Mortal Instruments/Shadowhunters) - looks and fiesty personality

Her creator, Vierali

Ali's natural hair color is black, but she dyes it red so that she is not identical to her twin, Matthew

Aliana's intended name was Alaina, but her creator misspelled it and thus Aliana became the name she went with.

Pronunciation: Al-ee-ah-nuh